Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google Translator Moves A Notch Higher

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google will now automatically detect and translate foreign words by default. Foreign words that will appear on the search will be translated, whether the translation is requested or not.

Any word that is not in the native tongue of the searcher is translated. This means that the Spanish word ‘gracias’ will be translated to “Thank You” to native English language because it is a foreign word. However, English words will not be translated. Precisely, typing “Thank You” on the search will lead to the normal Search Engine Results Pages without the translator.

Similarly, typing the Spanish word ‘amanecer’ on the keyword search will automatically trigger its translation into English without necessarily typing “Translate amanecer” in the search. Do not be surprised; however; when English words are not translated into Spanish, because the automatic translator only works for some words, as we will note later.

What is new?

Previously, words or phrases were only translated by Google on the Google translator page. Now, you do not have to go to the Google Translator page unless you would like to translate longer text strings. The Google search panel will translate the foreign word in all the languages supported by Google. One can even swap languages to see how the foreign word is spelt and pronounced in various languages. Google currently supports over 100 languages.

Limitations of this new improvement

This new improvement does not, however work for all words. Only certain words and phrases are translated. In fact, the translation is limited to phrases containing a maximum of two words, such as ‘Buenas noches’. This means that a longer phrase like ‘buenas noches señora’ will not be automatically translated. For longer phrases like this one, one is required to request for the translation the traditional way.

Google can also translate words in photos nowadays. The technology giant is also keen on incorporating other learning aids on its translator to improve its accuracy and assist learning among its users. These developments come as it celebrates only ten years of existence.

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