Amazon.Com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Introduces Snowball In Australia, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Amazon Web Service (ASW) has rolled out snowball – data transfer appliance in Australia. Snowball aims to reduce the pain in moving on-premises data onto the cloud.

Australia’s broadband network might be restricting some organization willing to migrate their data to the cloud at a cheap cost. Rolling out of snowball, which is a 23 Kg suitcase, will ease their struggles and provide a simple migration solution.

Snowball simplifies the old fashion way of transferring data. The Snowball can be couriered to an organization where the management can transfer up to 80 TB worth of data onto it. Data is usually encrypted during the transferring phrase. Once the transfer is complete, the snowball is shipped back to AS staff that decrypts and copy the data into Amazon Simple Storage Service bucket specified by the data owner organization.

Amazon has noted that there are plans to increase global awareness and delivery of Snowball by making it available in all AWS regions by the end of 2016.

Stephen Schmidt, AWS VP, and chief information security officer, noted at AWS Summit in Sydney, that moving data into the cloud is something many people have started to think. He further pointed out that many customers are moving data into the cloud in small to medium amounts frequently or large quantities of data infrequently

AWS head of architecture for Asia-Pacific Glenn Gore has already indicated that they have signed up their first Snowball customer in Australia. He noted that Bauer Media Group has signed up. He further reported that Snowball is an appealing proposition for Australian organizations.

In additional to Snowball, the company plans to introduce Kinesis Analytics that will allow developers to use familiar SQL and queries to run time series-based analysis on real-time data. The service is expected to be launched at the end of the year.

AWS has also initiated S3 Transfer Acceleration with the purpose of persuading more customers to move data into the cloud. The organization also claimed that it can provide 300% faster uploads.

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