Amazon Web Services Selected By Comcast Cable As Preferred Service Provider

Amazon Web Services has been selected by Comcast Cable as the preferred provider of public cloud infrastructure. This will see Comcast Cable migrate material workloads to Amazon Web Services and even build new applications on the cloud computing platform.

“We have deepened our strategic relationship with AWS, making the industry’s leading cloud our preferred public cloud provider. Over the years, we have leveraged the breadth and depth of AWS’s services, including compute, storage, and analytics,” Comcast Cable’s senior vice president, Jan Hofmeyr, said.

London region

The move by Comcast Cable to choose Amazon Web Services as the preferred provider of cloud services comes in the wake of the cloud computing giant adding more capacity in its London region. At the time of its launch two years ago, the London region consisted of two availability zones. Some of AWS’ clients using the London region include Travis Perkins, Deloitte, British Telecoms, and BBC.

Additionally the weather app of the Met Office is hosted by Amazon Web Services’ London region. The strategic card payments platform of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is also using the London region of AWS.

In total Amazon Web Services now has 50 availability zones which are spread across geographic regions numbering 18. Amazon Web Services has plans to launch 12 more available as well as four more regions. The new regions will be in Sweden, Hong Kong, Bahrain and the United States. Besides London other AWS’ availability zones in Europe are located in Paris, Frankfurt and Ireland, with each city or country having three.

Declining market share

While Amazon Web Services is still the global leader in cloud computing services, its rival Microsoft Azure has been gaining ground according to a report by KeyBanc analysts. In last year’s fourth quarter the market share of Amazon Web Services fell to 62% from 68% while that of Microsoft Azure rose to 20% from 16%. Per KeyBanc Google Cloud’s market share rose to 12% from 10%.

The analysts at KeyBanc estimated that revenues from Azure were $3.7 billion in 2017 and this will increase by 88% in 2019. Microsoft has increased its investments in cloud computing infrastructure and this has included launching new data centers in various parts of the world.

The Redmond, Washington-based software maker also recently reached a deal to acquire Avere Systems, a data storage startup. Microsoft has also announced with Nordcloud with a view to boosting the spread of machine learning and artificial intelligence services in Europe.

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