Apple Makes iWork Productivity Software Free For Users With Old Hardware

Apple has updated a couple of apps for both Macs and iOS devices and in the process made some of them completely free. Some of the apps that are now free include GarageBand, Pages, Keynote, Numbers and iMovie. In the past, these apps were only free for those who bought an iOS device or a Mac computer but this will no longer be necessary. For other users, the price was $9.99 for each app while the price of iWork was $19.99.

Old hardware

With this development it now means that those most likely to benefit are those who are running old hardware which doesn’t have these apps installed. For iWork apps to run, macOS Sierra is required while GarageBand will require hardware that has Yosemite or later installed. iMovie on the other hand will require El Capitan or higher. With regards to the iOS devices, GarageBand and iMovie will require iOS 10.2 and iOS 9.3 respectively.

Prior to these changes, the most recent updates to these apps was in March. With Keynote, for instance, the March update made it possible for users to import presentations made using Keynote as well as post such presentations onto sites such as Medium as well as sites that run on WordPress.

Touch ID

The update also made it possible for users to replace missing forts and also open presentations that were password-protected by use of Touch ID. This could either be on an iOS device by use of the fingerprint sensor or on the MacBook Pro launched last year.

Pages also received an update in March and this brought a range of improvements and enhancements. This included improved bookmarking and text formatting, currency customization and enhanced security for protected documents since Touch ID authentication would be required.

Storage space

An update to Numbers made it possible for users to include historical or current information of stocks to spreadsheets. The update also introduced a new template for My Stocks, a new formula and data entry editing process as well as enhanced text formatting. Additionally, the security features were also enhanced as support for Touch ID authentication was introduced just like in Pages and Keynote.

With regards to the storage space, GarageBand takes the lead as the biggest occupier of space since it will require about 1.7 gigabytes to be set aside.

It is understood that the move by Apple to offer the software for free is intended to make the process of acquiring the iWork suite via the volume purchase program of Apple easier for educational institutions and businesses.

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