Bank Of America To Expand In Hunt Valley And Add 600 Jobs

Reports indicate that Bank of America intends to add close to 600 employment positions at its Hunt Valley offices. Most of these jobs will be staff support and call center related. In Hunt Valley Bank of America owns a complex measuring 377,000 feet. With the financial institution having added 300 jobs last year at the campus, the total number of positions added will now be 900.

By 2020 officials of Baltimore County expect the total workforce to have reached 1,500. In order to cater for the rising number of employees parking spaces have been added, the working space increased and the interior renovated by the bank. State and county officials have praised the decision of the bank to expand in the area.

County support

“Bank of America chose to add hundreds of new jobs in Baltimore County because we listened and were able to provide what the company needed — a talented financial services workforce and fast-track design approval and permitting to meet their expansion timeline,” said Kevin Kamenetz, Baltimore County Executive.

The county executive added that local authorities had made the task of Bank of America easier by accelerating permit approvals with regards to the work done at the complex. Kamenetz also added that one dedicated employee had been tasked by the county to guide these kinds of projects. The county did not however offer Bank of America any financial incentives with regards to the work.

State of Maryland

Hunt Valley has been described as one of the most vibrant employment areas in Baltimore County. The governor of the state of Maryland, Larry Hogan, said the expansion by the Bank of America in Baltimore County was evidence that the state as a whole was open for business. The president of Bank of America’s Greater Maryland Market, Sabrina Kelly, also welcomed the move saying the financial institution was glad to have expanded in the county.

The expansion of Bank of America in Baltimore County comes in the wake of an announcement by the financial institution that it will lay off 103 employees working at its Kennesaw office, in the state of Georgia. According to Jumana Bauwens, a spokesperson for the bank, the affected employees were notified more than a month ago that the estate services group was being consolidated and the work sent to other sites. The affected employees were stationed at an office building but not a bank branch. In Georgia Bank of America employs approximately 6,000 workers.

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