Cato Networks Is Rapidly Becoming A Threat To Verizon And AT&T

Israeli-based startup Cato Networks has been experiencing a lot of growth in the cloud services industry and this means it is increasingly encroaching into Verizon and AT&T territory.

The Tel Aviv-based firm is one of the successful startups that Shlomo Kramer, its founder, and CEO has chosen to invest in over the past few years. It seems Cato Networks is also paying off, thus further highlighting his well-selected startup investments. The startup provides secure cloud network services similar to those provided by the likes of Verizon and AT&T. The Israeli company operates the Cato cloud which is the first secure, global SD-WAN service in the world.

Cato Networks reported at the end of January this year that it experienced significant growth in the speed at which it was making sales in 2017. The startup revealed that the average deal size grew by 400 percent quarter over quarter within the past year. It further revealed that its customer base has also been growing, with hundreds of customers jumping on board. These customers depend on the Cato Cloud to provide secure connectivity to their corporate networks.

Kramer had this to say about the performance: “This past year was an incredible success for the Cato team. We built an amazing, networking and security platform that’s been endorsed by customers across the globe. Our expanded executive team and channel relationships set the stage for an even stronger 2018.”

In one of his interviews in January, the CEO explained that the startup has been targeting AT&T and Verizon as its competition. This is mostly due to the fact that business data has transformed over the past few years and the two telecommunications giants have not been quick to adapt to those changes. The two telecommunication firms still provide Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) which was ideal when common traffic patterns revolved around headquarters and a remote office.

Things have been changing at a rapid pace, such that a company’s executive may opt to use his/her smartphone to log into his/her company’s network from anywhere in the world. Kramer stated that the Wide Area Network has to be evaluated every five to ten years so that new changes can be accommodated.

Kramer believes that the rapid growth being exhibited by Cato Networks is due to the fact that the Software Defined (SD-WAN) offerings are a better solution for customers compared to what Verizon and AT&T are offering. This explains why a lot of people have opted for the startup’s services as opposed to the services offered by the two telecommunications firms.

Intro: Cato Networks is on a path of glory as it seeks to overtake major players such as Verizon and AT&T in the cloud services industry.

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