Chinese Tech Giants In Deal To Use Nvidia’s Technology

The founder and chief executive officer of Nvidia Corp, Jensen Huang, has revealed that the Volta-based platform of the firm had been adopted by the leading cloud specialists in China. This includes Tencent Holdings, Baidu and Alibaba Group. Huang said this during the GPU Technology Conference that was held in Beijing.

Per a statement which was available on Nvidia’s website, Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent have struck a deal with a view to upgrading their data systems as well as cloud-service infrastructure with the latest chip from the Santa Clara, California-based firm. According to Nvidia, the Volta platform possesses 21 billion transistors and this enables an effectiveness rate that is five times more than that of the Pascal-based chips which the three Chinese tech giants currently employ.

Volta platform

The adoption of Nvidia’s Volta platform by the Chinese companies is a big step as the chipmaker has made heavy investments to adapt gaming chips for use in cloud computing and artificial intelligence purposes. Due to the projected growth in these fields and the expected rise in demand for Nvidia’s chips the share price of the company has surged in the last one and half years.

“As the world’s leading cloud providers deploy the world’s best AI platform, with Volta GPUs and NVIDIA software, we’ll see amazing breakthroughs in medicine, autonomous transportation, precision manufacturing and much more,” said Nvidia’s CEO in a statement.

Besides the Chinese tech giants mentioned above, there are other big firms which are adopting Nvidia’s new products and this includes a couple of original equipment manufacturers. Builders of servers such as Lenovo Group, Inspur International and Huawei Investment & Holding have entered deals to use the HGX reference architecture of Nvidia. This reference architecture offers Volta-based accelerated systems and is used for high-range data centers.

Robots and drones

The second-largest online retailer in China,, is also partnering with Nvidia in its plans to develop robot fleets and drones. The drones will be powered by the Jetson supercomputer which has been developed by Nvidia and will be used in delivering items that have been purchased on China’s second-biggest e-commerce firm intends to pilot a program where it will ship packages destined for rural areas by air. In the course of the next half a decade reportedly plans to release more than one million drones.

During the Beijing event Nvidia also launched TensorRT. This is a new cost-efficient and high-performance software which has been developed use in robots, autonomous cars and data centers.

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