Elemental Machines Uses IoT Tools From AT&T

Elemental Machines is making use of IoT solutions from AT&T to make lab equipment smarter and this has allowed lab monitoring to become easier. And by constantly monitoring the lab equipment as well as the environment it is in, more information becomes available leading to more consistency. This consequently assists in preventing major research setbacks.

“IoT has the potential to disrupt how science is done by allowing massive levels of data to be collected in near real time – from biotech/pharma to materials science to agritech,” said Elemental Machines’ chief executive officer and founder, Sridhar Iyengar.

Research setbacks

One instance in which such monitoring can prevent research setbacks would be in the case of scientists who are studying Arctic ice samples that are 22 million years old. If the lab freezer malfunctions their sample could easily be turned into water. But with the smart lab solutions from Elemental Machines, lab staff may be sent alerts letting them know that the freezer is broken and therefore make efforts to correct the situation before it turns into a catastrophe.

The smart lab solution developed by Elemental Machines makes use of AT&T Global SIM and AT&T Control Center with a view to monitoring assets that are in a remote location or on site. And even when there are interruptions in power supply or Wi-Fi connections, data will keep being sent via a cellular connection.

Intelligent wireless sensors

The intelligent wireless sensors contained in the system are powered by batteries and are easily installable. These intelligent wireless sensors transmit data to tablets of Elemental Gateway wirelessly. The Elemental Gateway tablets possess AT&T’s Enterprise Mobility Management. Securing, managing and provisioning the laboratory apps and data can be done by Elemental Machines. And to ensure easy access to data, the data from the tablets is available on the dashboard of Elemental Insights.

The specific tool used to track air pressure, light, humidity and temperature in the lab environment is Element-As. Element-Ts on the other hand is used to track the usage and performance of lab equipment and this includes liquid nitrogen tanks, incubators, ovens, refrigerators and freezers. Such data assists the laboratory staff to verify the working condition of all equipment. If any changes are noted in key equipment or in the laboratory environment the laboratory staff are notified via a text message or email. And since teams are given access to the web-based dashboards, maintenance issues can be identified.


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