Microsoft Paint To Be Retired After Three Decades Of Service

More than three decades after Microsoft Paint was launched, the Redmond, Washington-based software maker is resting the graphics editor. According to Microsoft, an update to Windows 10 will include many features but MS Paint will not be among the applications available. This is to make way for a graphics editor that incorporates 3D. Earlier a Windows 10 Creator Update was released by Microsoft and one of the applications that was included was Paint 3D which incorporates tools that are necessary for the creation of 3D images.

Though MS was introduced in 1985, it never became popular with graphic artists due to the fact that it was not as capable as other graphic editors. Other applications that Microsoft is considering retiring include Reading List, Reader App and Outlook Express.

Cloud computing business

Though not confirmed the likely decision to retire MS Paint comes at a time when Microsoft is placing more emphasis on its cloud computing business to offset a slowdown in traditional software sales. The move is paying off and in the latest quarterly results for the software giant, the segment recorded strong results which exceeded analyst’s estimates.

Total revenue for the world’s biggest software company came in at $24.7 billion while earnings per share were $0.83 for the quarter that ended on June 30. Analysts had been expecting revenues to come in at $24.3 billion while earnings per share were expected to come in at $0.71.

Intelligence Cloud

With regards to Microsoft’s cloud business, the Intelligence Cloud segment of which Microsoft Azure is part of had revenues rise by 11% to reach a figure of $7.4 billion. This consisted of 30% of all the revenue. Azure’s revenue rose by 97% placing the software giant on a path to earning $20 billion from the cloud by next year.

What seems to be setting Azure apart from other providers of cloud computing services is its hybrid approach. With Azure business organizations can use the public cloud of Microsoft while at the same time also being able to run some applications and services in their private data centers.

The growing cloud business of Microsoft is coming at a time when the operating system business that the software maker has long relied on has been shrinking. Microsoft’s revenues from gaming, mobile phone and Windows operating systems for instance declined by 2% to a figure of $8.8 billion. And as a result of transitions in a product’s life cycle, revenues from Surface fell by 2%.

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