Tele2 And Nokia Ink Global IoT Services Partnership 

Finnish firm Nokia and Tele2, a Swedish telecommunications company, have inked an agreement aimed at speeding up IoT services delivery. Tele2 will use Nokia’s WING – Worldwide IoT Network Grid. The services will be provided in various sectors including urban smart city programs, healthcare, utilities and transport with a view to easing the management of assets that are connected including CAVs – Connected and Autonomous Vehicles.

“Nokia WING will enable Tele2 IoT to offer its enterprise customers a global service with flexible control, low latency and high levels of efficiency and enterprise automation. Together we will work on enabling new IoT solutions…” Nokia’s Head of WING, Ankur Bhan, said.

Under the partnership Nokia and Tele2 will also partner on enhancing LTE and 5G capabilities with special focus on IoT networks. This is with the aim of speeding innovation in these key areas.

Job cuts

The agreement between Tele2 and Nokia comes in the wake of the latter announcing job cuts in Finland. Close to 425 jobs are expected to be eliminated in this round of layoffs with the support functions and the network business being affected by the bulk of the redundancies. While 350 jobs will be lost in the support functions and the network business, 75 others will be cut in the Nokia Technologies unit.

According to Nokia’s country senior officer in Finland, Tommi Uitto, the job cuts are intended to the long-term survival and competitiveness of the networking gear company. Per Uitto the market conditions in the communication services industry were challenging in 2017 and this year is not expected to be any better.

All the Nokia offices in its home country are going to be affected by the layoffs and only an Oulu-based factory will be spared. In Finland Nokia employs approximately 6,300 people while it has 103,000 employees across the globe.

Merger with Alcatel-Lucent

Last year in October Nokia disclosed that it was laying off some 310 jobs at its Nokia Technologies unit. Most of the cuts affected Finland. Prior to that 170 other jobs had been eliminated at the company’s networks division. Two years ago after taking over Alcatel-Lucent, a French telecommunication gear maker, Nokia also cut 1,032 jobs in Finland across units and departments.

In a global transformation and cost-cutting program that was announced soon after taking over Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia indicated that it was aiming to make cost savings of approximately 1.2 billion euros annually by the close of 2018. A review of Nokia’s digital health business has also been announced.

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