Microsoft Azure To Add Two More Regions In Australia

Microsoft has disclosed that it will put up two new Azure faciltiies in Australia’s Canberra region with a view to supporting the requirements of the both the government of Australia as well as its suppliers. The Azure regions are expected to become available next year in the course of the first six months. Canberrra Data Centers will be the local firm that Microsoft will partner with.

“Our partnership with Canberra Data Centres, our open ­approach and our mature ecosystem of partners, ensures government can accelerate transfor­mation and apply intelligent systems to their abundant existing data,” said the managing director of Microsoft Australia, Steven Worrall.

Significant investment

The head of Microsoft Australia did not reveal the amount that Microsoft had invested in the new facilities but only said that it was significant compared to the rest of the world. While Azure has 42 regions spread around the globe close to 10% of these are in Australia.

With the new regions Microsoft is now in a position to provide a secure cloud offering to the government of Australia. The new regions, to be known as Central 2 and Central 1, will join other Azure regions that already exist in Melbourne and Sydney bringing the number of regions that Microsoft now possesses in Australia to four.

The development is coming just two months following an increase in the number of Azure services that are classified as secure as indicated by Australia Signals Directorate. This certification allows a wider adoption of Azure services in government and can even handle government data that is top secret.

High-level security credentials

According to the chief executive officer of CDC, Greg Boorer, earning of the high-level security credentials was as a result of employing a unique approach in designing the facility. It also helped that the government of Australia has a stake in CDC. While 4% of CDC is owned by executives of the company, 48% is in the hands of the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation, a government-owned entity. The other 48% is owned by Infratil, an infrastructure investor based in New Zealand.

Microsoft is not the only American tech firm that is seeking to become a player in Australia with regards to cloud computing. Amazon Web Services has been present in Australia for five years now while Google and IBM recently opened regions in Sydney. Connections with other parts of the world are also getting better in Australia following the setting up of several undersea cables.

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