Facebook Announces Plan To Unveil A Nigerian Hub In Its African Tech Drive

Facebook intends to launch a “community hub space” in Nigeria in the course of next year. Its goal will be to encourage technology entrepreneurs and software developers. Africa is on the rise and this company is emerging to become one the latest technology giants to pursue the training program.

The U.S. social media company in a recent statement disclosed that it had plans underway to host an “incubator program.”It hopes to succeed in a major way towards the development of technology start-ups and the other thing it is eyeing will be to offer training to about 50,000 Nigerians. The passage of time is witnessing quite a significant number of people develop a keen interest in obtaining digital skills.

Africa’s falling data costs, rapid population growth and the heavy adoption of mobile phones is influencing decision making by top technology companies working to draw more users to their products.

Facebook was adamant when it came to unleashing details regarding the time that it would take to offer training to people in Nigeria. This country happens to be Africa’s most populous country considering that it has about 180 million inhabitants.

The regional head of platform partnership, Emeka Afigbo, opined, “We understand the important role Facebook plays here in Nigeria with developers and start-ups and are invested in helping these communities. Facebook said the training would be offered in cities.”

The training was targeted at students, entrepreneurs and the various software developers. Mark Zuckerberg, who happens to be the founder of Facebook made a visit to a number of technology companies in Lagos. Sources indicate that his charitable foundation proceeded to give $24 million to Andela which has over the years offered training to the various developers.

It was back in July that Google’s chief executive disclosed that they had plans underway to train about 10 million people across the continent in online skills. According to him, this was going to be undertaken in the next five years. He also stated that they had plans underway to offer training to about 100,000 software developers in Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya.

One would still be in order to say that Africa won’t be able to offer much opportunity to add consumers as India or China. This is in light of the fact that the large wealth gaps point to the fact that quite a significant number of people in places such as Nigeria have minimal disposable income.

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