Amazon To Offer Blockchain SaaS Solution In Partnership With Startup

Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing arm of Amazon has announced a new partnership aims to make it easy for customers to fully exploit the benefits of blockchain technology. The online retail giant’s cloud computing unit will partner with Kaleido, a blockchain startup, to give customers of AWS access to blockchain technology solutions.

According to one of the co-founders of Kaleido, Steve Cerveny, this will allow clients to focus on their core business without requiring extensive knowledge of cryptography. On the marketplace of Amazon Web Services, this will be the first blockchain software as a service solution to be offered. Rather than building its own technology from ground up, Amazon is employing a partner-led strategy. Amazon Web Services and Kaleido will be used the blockchain platform of Ethereum.

Blockchain incubator

Kaleido is one of the startups that came out of Consensys, a blockchain incubator that currently oversees over 50 blockchain projects. As a blockchain platform Kaleido is designed with a view to greatly simplifying and accelerating the adoption of blockchain technology from the experimentation stages to implementation. One of the unique features of Kaleido is flexibility as customers are allowed to choose between protocol packages as well as consensus algorithms.

With these options businesses are able to make a choice based on their priorities and the pillars of blockchain technology – decentralization, speed and security. In instances where a business is confident that all the nodes in a network are trustworthy then it is possible to configure the blockchain solution in a way that maximizes speed so that data sharing amongst the various offices of the business happens faster.

Smart contracts

Use cases that involve communication between systems which are not trustworthy can on the other hand be configured to emphasize security and decentralization. Businesses will also benefit from features such as smart contracts and this will lead to task automation in areas where that was previously not possible.

According to a co-founder of Ethereum, Joseph Lubin, interest in blockchain technology has risen rapidly in the recent past.

“Three years ago we were getting calls from companies trying to spell blockchain and trying to order one in a color because their boss told them they should get a blockchain,” saidLubin.

Besides Amazon other tech firms which are exploring blockchain technology’s use cases include Facebook and Microsoft. Last week for instance Facebook announced a reorganization effort which saw a new team created to focus on blockchain technology.

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