Facebook Marketplace Now Enables You To Seek For Plumbers, Cleaners

Facebook is introducing a new home service segment in its Marketplace feature. The new feature being launched in the U.S enables users to search and enlist the services of house cleaners, plumbers, and other handymen.

Two years ago, Facebook decided to try its hand on digital commerce by expanding its features. This it did through Marketplace which is found within the IOS and Android Facebook apps.

Marketplace is a convenient functionality that enables users to discover and connect with one another to sell, buy or even donate items. This has been likened to a yard sale but in the palm of your hand.

Home Services

The new home services segment makes it more like the well-known Craigslist. The segment now makes it possible for users to hire to hire professionals for jobs like home renovations, cleaning, plumbing and so on.

Facebook said the new segment was introduced following the many requests made by many people asking for recommendations related to home services. In order to offer these services seamlessly, Facebook has partnered with HomeAdvisor, Handy and Porch. Through the partnership, professionals have been vetted and thoroughly accredited. Already, thousands of service providers are listed on the new feature.

How Does It Work

Using the feature is easy, get into the Marketplace site, click on Marketplace services, and select the needed service. At this stage, you will be prompted to fill a form asking for example how frequent you need the service, or location and so on. On answering you then enter your zip code, then a list of people or companies available will be shown.

Since Marketplace services allow you to browse profiles, you will then go ahead and view ratings and reviews of the different professionals available and make your pick. You can then chat your preferred service provider via Messenger.

Marketplace has been expanding its segments, it is only recently that it introduced a housing rental feature. This lets users shop for houses or apartments on Marketplace. Another feature that has been added is the automobile section where one can rent or buy cars.

Facebook said that this is not a new concept since buying and selling has been taking place on its site for years. Marketplace was only created to streamline the processes. The company intends to continue building new features to make buying and selling the best experience for its users.



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