Alphabet Reveals Its Plan To Source LG For Its Pixel 3 XL Display

The quality control of Google is apparently getting better with time.Google’s Pixel 2 XL is a remarkable device that has become a favorite to a lot of people across the globe. Its Achilles’ heel is one of its most distinguishable attributes.

Recent developments

The LG-made OLED panel in the device is however posing a lot of issues. But the surprising aspect is that Google is unperturbed and has disclosed that it will be sourcing LG for its next flagship.

We have months to go before the business guru unveils the Google’s Pixel 3 family of smartphones. However, we have an idea of what to expect in terms of design after leakages were reported.

Views regarding the adoption of the notch

The online community has expressed divergent views regarding the aspect of the larger Pixel 3 XL adopting the notch. A person well conversant with the matter has outlined that for quite some time the notch has been a rather prevalent attribute throughout the Android system. Another report came up recently and it is backing up the idea of Google using a notch.

In one of the Korean publications, it was disclosed that Google was considering striking a business partnership with LG Display in a quest to source a new notched display for one of its upcoming smartphones.

However, the report fails at providing any tangible detail regarding the resolution or the size of the display. However, it clearly outlines that LG is looking forward to a volume that won’t be quite far from the previous one.

Google is taking a rather bold step by opting to use LG Display for OLED panels and quite a significant number of market observers have expressed their support for the move. They have termed it an interesting gamble though they believe that taking risks is part and parcel of attaining any amount of business success.

Customers worldwide are hoping soon they will be able to enjoy the thrill that pulls along with using the new devices bearing the game-changing front facing cameras. One expert has disclosed that users will be able to enjoy about two rear cameras on the Pixel 3 as well as on the Pixel 3 XL.

At the launch, the Pixel 2 XL faced strong criticism with a lot of officials expressing concerns about its sub-par display. Divergent views continue to be made regarding the move by the search giant to source LG for its Pixel 3 XL display.



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