Apple Faces Tough Competition From Netflix & Amazon In Video Streaming Services

Apple is rapidly shaping up its streaming services providing a strange collection of original content for its users. With the investment for the project going beyond $1 billion for the start, the IT giant certainly seems to be gearing up to carve a niche in the video streaming market. But it will have to first surpass the leaders in the field including Netflix that has already overcome Disney’s monopoly & Amazon which is rapidly catching up with the best around.

Will Apple Blow Up The Competition Once Again?

After the lackluster rollout of Planet of the Apps and the unimpressive remake of Carpool Karaoke, Apple seems to be still struggling to make an impression in the streaming services. As of now, apart from Netflix, the company also faces a tough competition from Hulu as well as Amazon. History indicates that even though the company has been a bit late in catching up with the innovations in the field, it has always managed to blow up the competition especially in the hardware space. But maybe this time it will not be that easy.

In the music sector, Spotify reigns supreme and Apple Music has been pretty much restricted to adding subscribers steadily and solely because of the benefits that the company’s software offers. And the video streaming services of Apple will also have the same advantage. But users will also subscribe to multiple video streaming services and this is where the company will have to work on as it will have to provide more than just ecosystem accessibility.

Netflix planning to double the budget

As far as Netflix is concerned, it has undergone a huge transformation from its days of mailing out DVDs to becoming a streaming juggernaut and even exceeding Disney. The main reason behind the success of Netflix is because it has constantly provided its users access to original and high-quality content. Moreover, it has managed to develop a huge catalog of multiple programs covering various genres. But Apple is yet to think on that line and seems to be taking more efforts in the TV industry. As of now with only 13 planned shows in its kitty, the Steve Jobs company seems to be doing nothing more than just dabbling.

Apple is expected to launch its video streaming services as early as in March 2019. So it means that the company has very little time to come up with plans to match up Netflix and Amazon. Although Apple is not short of funds, its projected $4 billion annual investment does not seem to be enough as Netflix is expected to invest double the amount and Amazon planning to even go beyond it to move ahead.

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